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What is Blind and Low vision tennis?

Adaptive Tennis

Blind and Low Vision tennis has been adapted to suite the ability of people with various eye conditions. The following adaptions have been implemented to create an inclusive environment for all to enjoy the game of tennis:

- Specialised Court Size (13.4m long and 6.1m wide)

- Foam bell balls in black and yellow (to provide contrast and sound)

- 23 inch (B1) or 25inch (B2-B4) tennis racquets

- 1-3 Bounces allowed depending on eye classification

What's On

Our Programs

We currently offer classes for beginners up to advanced players, which involve technical, physical, tactical and mental training as well as monthly social games!

Monday 5-6:30pm

Beginners Group

  • Learn the fundamentals of tennis including base technique, footwork and game rules

  • Learn the basics of the forehand and backhand groundstroke as well as the serve

  • Develop basic coordination, balance and agility skills

Monday 6:30-8pm

Intermediate/High Intermediate

  • Develop a more consistent game and achieve more control on your shots

  • Learn to judge various type of shots and adapt movement accordingly

  • Achieve control over placement of shots including pace changes

  • Compete in a proper BLV Tennis match format with understanding of match tactics 

  • Increase physical and mental stamina on the tennis court

Tuesday 5-6:30pm & 6:30-8pm

Advanced 1 & 2

  • Develop a personal game style and incorporate into match play tactics and strategy

  • Learn to hit a flat, slice and topspin groundstrokes and serves including net play

  • Learn to adapt game style according to various opponent game styles 

  • Achieve control over rally balls (over 5+ ball rallies consistently)

  • Increase physical and mental stamina on the tennis court

BLV Tennis. Embrace your Ability.

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Blind and Low Vision Tennis is being played all around Australia. To find out more about other existing programs, elite pathways, development camps, social tennis or how to get involved off the court as an umpire, coach or volunteer...
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